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As much as I enjoy creating my cards I've also found a passion for making other paper projects.  I've been working out my own templates, some taking days while others in an afternoon.  My first project after seeing a teabag box was to make one of my own.  You can find the original tutorial here:  I did change mine just a bit.  I made the opening for the teabags at the bottom 1/2 smaller then use a 1" circle punch in the center of the opening to allow better remove of the bags.  I also used chipboard panels I covered in my pattern paper either on the inside or the outside depending on the look I wanted.  I also just made chipboard tops no bottoms.

My husband and I drink four different flavors but they do vary from time to time.  The Earl Grey though is our favorite so I did make a tag for that one.  The other Green Tea, English Breakfast and regular Lipton I just took the colors from their bags to create the color scheme for my boxes.

Close up of Green Tea

Close up of Lipton Tea box

Close up of English Breakfast Blend

Close up of Earl Grey

I also started making a calender template for my Christmas Gifts.............I start early but still wind up creating last minute all the time.

This is the easel calender open.  It has a place to the left where you can set a pen (mini pen which I will supply) and sticky note pad that will co-ordinate with my color scheme.

This is how it looks close (as in when shipped)

Side view.

I also make different boxes as well.  I made this beautiful cake box for my Granddaughters birthday.  It's 2 layers and they both open to have small gifts inside.

This one was just for fun.........very colorful and maybe just a wee bit to busy 

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  1. wow these are all awesome, love them!!!
    May I suggest that you watermark your work as I have seen exact pictures of the tea boxes and calender with some of your wording displayed on face book as someone elses, I am going to front that person about it.