This is just a brief tutorial on how I make my Roses.

Things you will need:

stylus (small, med. or large)
ink color of your choice
5 petal punch or template (   how to make a template shown at   http://www.card-making-magic.com/       )
glue gun and glue sticks or wet glue which ever you prefer
foam pad ( I make my using 1/4 foam and piece of felt ) or old soft mouse pad.
Skewer or toothpick

1. Cut out or punch 5 5 petal flowers

2. Cut your flower petal as shown above.

3.  Next ink the edges of your flower.  You can also use colored card stock in which case you can ink it darker then your card stock color or leave it as it is.

4.  You want to start shaping your petals.   I start with the center, then with small stylus I do the back side edges of the petals, turn it back over and continue to shape petals.  I use a skewer to turn the edges under as shown in image above.

5. Start to layer your petals.............the first 3 are relatively flat and you want to off set each layer.  The 4 layer you want to cup it more and the last one you want it to be more of a bud.  I use the hot glue gun to adhere the petals together slightly overlapping so it starts to cup.  The more you over lap your edges the more of a cup shape you'll get.