Tuesday, October 9, 2012

    So everyone has a story to tell and I guess I'm no different.   My story is like most.  It's about the good times the bad times, the ups and downs of everyday living.  I have been depressed most of my entire life so even though I've experienced more downs then ups I like to focus on the up times.  The one thing I enjoy the most is the creativity.  I love crafting whether I'm making a card, working with clay, knitting, sewing or embroidery those times are very peaceful and rewarding to me.  This blog will really be more for my card-making which I got into about 4 years ago.  It started out very simple by creating them in programs such as PrintMaster or Hallmark card creator.   I really wanted more control over what I was creating so I started hunting and a year ago I came across this fantastic site call Card-Making Magic by Christina.  I was amazed at all one could do.  I'm sure there are more sites out there but this was the first site that was willing to give out some of the secrets to great card-making.  I've learned so much and there is even more to learn.  I'm hoping that by blogging about what I do will not only help me but others as well.

One of the latest creations was a special card for my sister's 60th birthday.    This truly was a labor of love.

It took me 3 weeks from start to finish.  Finding the pictures, making my box template, designing the layout, quilling all the pieces (with the humidity and no central air it took much longer) and putting it all together.

Since then I've worked on making some gift-card sets for my etsy site called Ann Ridge Creations .  I created the template for the cards as I wanted something a little different then what I was finding.  Most of the tutorials are similar so you just need to tweak things to how you'd like them yourself.  I wanted a flat box with a divider as it was to hold 10 greeting cards with 10 envelopes.  The divider to me just makes it more stable then just putting them all in the box.  To easy to shift.

This next one I found the tutorial on the SCS website for this treat box card.  What a fantastic resource for any card maker out there.  For this I quilled the hair and face, made the body from a cone shape and added scalloped circles for the dress.  Green and pink gems on the bodice to set it off.  I made the small jewelry box and added a string of glass beads, put some festive confetti in the bottom to represent jewels.  Quilled 2 butterflies and added some bling.  I'm sure it's the Mom's who would appreciate the work on this as the little girls would more then likely love the treats inside of it!

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